Recreation in the holiday village

With a warm “Gruess Gott”, we welcome you to the completely redesigned website for the holiday village Adalbert Stifter.

The website is designed and operated by owners of the apartments for their holiday guests. It is designed to offer holidaymakers an optimal service, to give them an insight into the variety of beautiful apartments and the possibilities of an eventful and relaxing holiday in the beautiful border triangle of the region of Passau.

The holiday village is situated in the charming landscape of the southern Bavarian Forest, where you can really feel good. In a beautiful south-facing slope, family-friendly apartments await you for an exciting and relaxing holiday. The indoor pool and sauna offer year-round relaxation and in summer the outdoor pool or the nearby Freudensee offers refreshment.

Everyone can experience something here: the little ones as well as the adults. For children there is an adventure every day and for the parents the long-awaited rest and again some time for two.

This new website now allows direct contact between guests who are looking for an apartment in our beautiful holiday village and the owners of the apartments.

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