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The start of the season had to be postponed due to the Corona crisis.

Estimated start of the season April 24, 2020

Simultaneously with the Country Weekend & Linedance-Special, the season opening will be celebrated this weekend with a big parade on April 25 and a fun egg hunt on April 26.

Then it’s Western time again!

There is lots of fun for the little guests in the Kids Club and there is always something going on in the low rope garden and on the Little Pullman adventure playground. The highlight is the American History Show with colorful scenes from American history.

Winnetou and more 2020
Karl May Spiele Pullman City Bavaria

“Winnetou and the secret of old surehand”

After the great success of the first Winnetou Show in 2019 with around 40,000 enthusiastic spectators, the western town is launching the Karl May Games Pullman City Bayern 2020.
Highlights of the approximately 50 game dates will be free-range bison and a wolfhound.
– For this reason, dogs are not allowed in the spectator area from 2020. –

  • 90 minutes of theater
  • breathtaking stunts and pyrotechnics
  • elaborated, authentic costumes
  • Winnetou actor: Ivica Zdravkovic
  • In a female leading role: Claudia Jung

Performance dates 2020

11. | 12. | 14. | 17. | 18. | 21. | 28. | 30.

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27th to 29th September 2019

Insights into the American Civil War

AUTUMN RENDEZVOUS of trappers and Indians and DOGGY DAYS

21th to 22th of September 2019

with trapper course and ceiling market and the event for all dog lovers


13th to 15th of September 2019

Special Guests, Workshops and Live-Bands

July 2019

Get ready for boarding!

Pullman City succumbs to the Caribbean pirates – big street festival on the 6th of July

The Pirates of the Caribbean have it all. On the 6th of July, the Wild West of Pullman City resembles a thundering Caribbean Ocean. The Cowboys and Indians of the western town in Eging am See turn into daring pirates, and the guests are wellcome to get masked. Many entertaining shows are on offer during the day, before a mega-pirate party rises on Mainstreet in the evening. For the kids there are two big inflatables in pirate style, water balls and fun hands-on activities. Of course, “The German Jack” may not be missing at this event – Captain Jack Sparrow is doing his mischief in the Westernstadt again this year. Further information at

May 2019

Cold-blooded horses with a lot of horsepower

Strong horses show what they can do in Pullman City on the 25th and 26th of May – Two-step dance classes and live music are available for driving and race presentations

Do you know what Noriker, Black Forest and Trabanter are? Right! Horses! More specifically: cold blooded animals. Known are the heavy and good-natured animals as brewery-steeds and draft horses in agriculture and forestry. Richly decorated, they are also used in traditional pilgrimages. But cold-blooded animals can do much more. The Western Adventure Park Pullman City shows all its versatility on May 25th and 26th at the impressive event “Strong Horses”. At the show “Dicke unter Dampf” the teams perform fast driving with carriages. At the Strong Horse Show a variety of entertaining show pictures and deposits of the many coach teams are shown. The fact that the visitors can watch the whole spectacle from above due to the steep gradient in the area is absolutely unique in Pullman City. Another highlight is the spectacular draft horse parade, where the various cold blood races are presented.
But even the Pullman City show team does not let it out: It presents the great American History Show with cowboys and Indians, cattle and free-range bison and in the evening the new Karl May show. Children enjoy crafting, painting, climbing, archery and many other activities. If you fancy Two Step, you can join a free workshop for beginners and advanced students from 1 to 5 pm. In the evening live bands with country music are on stage. The many restaurants, including the Cantina Mexicana and the Rodeo Steakhouse, invite you to dine. In the authentic area, where the hobbyists live in their huts as in the old America between 1740 and 1860, it goes without electricity and fluent water very contemplative. Strolling through the idyllic settlement and keeping a chat over the garden fence here and there, is pure relaxation. Further information at .

Winnetou, Water Park & Middle Ages

Pullman City has a new show, events and attractions ready for 2019 – the end of March celebrates the season

The start of the season was celebrated on the 29th, 30th and 31st of March.

For the first time, Pullman City will present a Winnetou show starting in May. “The Curse of Gold” is the name for the piece, which wrote
textbook author and director Mike Dietrich for Pullman City. The leading actor will be Ivica “Ivi” Zdravkovic, known from the Winnetou Festival in Burgrieden. The cowboys are currently building a new open-air stage, and the scenes are also in the works. “The highlight will be a rock with a waterfall,” announce the Western City sheriffs Claus Six and Ernst Grünberger. Around 50 performances are planned until October. Premiere is on May 11.

Just one week before, there will be a premiere: From 3 to 5 May, the first “Pullman City Spectaculum – A Journey into the Middle Ages” will take place. Visitors experience the warehouse and dealer life, surrounded by authentic Wild West atmosphere. Medieval camp groups provide insights into the former way of life, entertainment is provided by a varied show program. Medieval folk rock bands take visitors on a journey into a strange world.

Further information at

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